January 29, 2015 Vol. 14 No. 10
Manitou Avenue repaving another year away
Written by Jeanne Davant   

Lady Mustangs continue winning ways


Manitou’s Shelby Megyeri (24) heads for the basket during the Mustangs’ 68-37 win over Woodland Park last Saturday at the MSHS court.

The Lady Mustangs notched their sixth straight victory Tuesday by beating Florence, 64-25, at the Huskies’ court to up their league record to 5-0.

The Manitou girls now turn their attention to La Junta (3-1) this Friday in a 5:30 p.m. contest at the Mustang court.CSCC comes to town next Tuesday before Manitou travels to St. Mary’s on Friday for a game that most likely will determine this year’s Tri-Peaks champion.

Photo courtesy of Darlene Jensen

012915_PotholesMayor Marc Snyder and Public Services Director Bruno Pothier had hoped the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) would manage to come up with the funds needed to repair Manitou Avenue this year.

But at a meeting Monday with CDOT officials, Snyder and Pothier learned that repaving of the pockmarked and deteriorating thoroughfare from Pawnee Avenue to the U.S. 24 highway overpass will not start until the spring of 2016.

“CDOT said they tried to lobby for funding to get the first part done this spring, but there just isn’t enough money to go around,” Snyder said. The post-flood needs in Boulder and Adams County are higher priorities for this year’s funding.

Snyder and Pothier met with CDOT officials at the offices of Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, the Denver firm that is one of the consultants on the Westside Avenue project, after Pothier heard there was a chance that the Manitou Avenue paving might be moved up.

That turned out not to be the case.

However, Snyder said, “we are getting good input into the project. They are going to do it right this time.”

When CDOT’s trucks roll into town a year from this spring, they will mill down the many layers of asphalt that have been applied to the avenue over the years before resurfacing the avenue.

Both the street and the on and off ramps will be repaved.

Meanwhile, CDOT will continue to be responsible for fixing potholes and doing other necessary maintenance on Manitou Avenue.

“Bruno says they’ve been very responsive,” Snyder said. “He calls, and they show up the next day. We have assurances that they understand our needs and that they will do a first-class job of filling potholes between now and when it gets resurfaced.”

The east end of Manitou Avenue (which then becomes Colorado Avenue) from the overpass to 31st Street remains in limbo, Snyder said. The state is responsible for its maintenance, but the county is going to take on maintenance of the eastern section, pending a legal agreement that’s currently being negotiated.

“The county wants ultimately to approach us about taking it over, but they have not yet,” Snyder said. “We do have assurances from the county engineer that once they take over that stretch, they will be actively taking care of it, not just filling potholes. They might skim-coat it with asphalt.”

Repaving of Manitou Avenue was originally scheduled for 2015, but CDOT postponed the project until its 2017 fiscal year because of critical needs in other parts of the state.

From 2010 until this past fall, Manitou and CDOT had an agreement under which Pothier’s crews filled potholes with materials that CDOT supplied.

When the repaving project was postponed, Pothier told state officials that Manitou did not have the resources to continue working on the avenue. That responsibility was returned to CDOT in July.

“We’ll have to hold their feet to the fire, but they have been pretty good so far,” Snyder said. “They will make sure their inspectors will be out here more frequently.”

Work on the U.S. 24 business route bridge at Rainbow Falls also was discussed at Monday’s meeting.

That work will include paving from the west circle to the highway. Separately, CDOT will replace the bridge deck.

“They originally thought it only needed a little asphalt work, but recently they discovered it really took a beating during the flooding and they will have to do a partial rebuild,” Snyder said.

The project probably will begin at the end of February.

“We’re hoping they’ll be done prior to Memorial Day, but that’s not a sure thing until they get bids back,” Snyder said.

Snyder said he has made it very clear to CDOT that closing the west entrance to the city after Memorial Day would be a big problem for Manitou.

“We’re happy to get the work done,” he said. “We just want to make sure it’s done in the least impactful way.”