To the class of 2022: There’s not much I can say that you all don’t already know. This class has had quite the experience since entering through these doors in August 2018.

I will always be inspired by our class’s optimism and friendliness toward each other. The bonds we have established will carry us through these next unfamiliar steps, and I hope that there is nowhere else that any of us would’ve wanted to build the foundations that will help us continue to grow and become powerful individuals.

Appreciate the growth you have undergone.

We have all seen many pictures throughout our time here at MSHS. Each of our stories is unique and that’s what makes us a true herd of Mustangs.

Every day that I walked the halls here, I found comfort in knowing that, regardless of the circumstances, I had friends and classmates who would protect me.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for this school, community and senior class. From the hellos in the hallway to chanting at assemblies, every moment this class has shared will not be lost.

Use these moments to push you in these next few weeks, months and years.

It feels like just yesterday we were looking down at the football field during Freshman Orientation hearing that we would have four years to write our story. Four years to walk the journey.

In our due time, we have arrived. We are here and it feels surreal. Looking down that day, I remember feeling uncertainty and excitement. We were walking into the unknown, and in full circle, we have now reached that point again.

Except this time, we have the certainty of knowing that all that we have learned — whether it be how to take outlines in U.S. history or how to memorize the Spanish password or even how to park at 10:04 on a late start Wednesday — will guide us.

You have learned so much. I know this because I have learned so much from all of you. Remember to smile, especially during these last few moments. We have come so far.

I challenge you to make each of these last moments matter. Manitou has shaped each of us in different ways, and the bonds we have made with our friends, teachers, and coaches have formed us into who we are today.

I am so thankful for all the teachers who have given so much of themselves to get us to this moment. 

There is untapped potential in each of us. Find what drives you. Unleash your greatness.

Thank you for the memories that will stick with me. Thank you for the smiles. Thank you for the experiences.

Class of 2022 … What a journey! And with that, Abby Parker, signing off

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