These past four years have been weird, to say the least. We started off as bright-eyed youngsters, entering the building for the first time to thick-as-thieves survivors of a worldwide pandemic that very nearly messed up our whole experience. 

However, through every obstacle, we grew stronger. We learned that by working together we could triumph through even the worst of circumstances. 

Whether you have been here since kindergarten or moved here for the second semester of senior year, you are part of a family.

From our first homecoming against the St. Mary’s Pirates, to shooting into the trash for extra credit in biology class, to beating Vanguard at the league championship in basketball, to hearing we had an extra week of spring break, to the one day we were all back in October, to the first boys soccer league championship in school history, to the first state football championship since 1990, to Senior Sunrise, to wearing our caps and gowns, these past 1,367 days have been wonderful. 

So, thank you! We all have been connected through our years of schooling through friendships, relationships or simply as peers, seeing each other in the hall, saying hi and even becoming best friends.

Even though we may eventually forget the specifics, the ways that we have made each other feel will stay with us forever.

Regardless of where you end up, you can always say that you were one of us. You were a Manitou Springs Mustang for a chapter of your life.

Don’t let being a Mustang define you forever; let it be a part of you, but don’t make it all you ever did. Every one of us has the potential to do bigger and better things and it is up to you to fulfill that potential, but that is tomorrow’s concern.

Today is the time for you to reminisce on the little moments that have made your experience special these past four years.

Therefore, The Prospector is pleased to offer MSHS seniors a printed publication to help remi¬nisce about new and old memories and learn more about the unique and special Class of 2022.

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