To the editor:

One of the best qualities of Manitou Springs is our amazing parks, open spaces and downtown area. We feel that residents deserve the right to visit these places without paying for parking. 

In addition, per the 2021 Community Survey, the predominant mobility-specific request was for free residential parking for downtown and our local parks.

Manitou Springs residents can now receive 50 free credits for paid parking in Manitou Springs. One credit equals one hour of parking. These credits are accepted at a flat rate and are not subject to our progressive rates! If you are a frequent flyer and use all of your 50 credits, you can recharge your account for 75 cents per hour.

To apply for the Residential Parking Credit Program, please stop by our offices at 606 Manitou Ave., or for your convenience, fill out our online Parking Permit Request Form.

To access this form, please visit our Parking & Mobility page, and click “Forms” on the blue bar to the left. To find our parking page, please visit our website, then click Government, then Departments and Parking & Mobility.

A valid driver’s license and a valid vehicle registration will be required for acceptance into this program. If you are a member of the Residential Parking Program (RPP), we already entered you into the program, so there is no need to sign up again.

The 50 free credits is just one of the many ways we are trying to make parking a better experience in Manitou Springs. Parking is a challenge that requires a great deal of attention and a wide variety of approaches to address.

To view all the great initiatives and projects that the city has begun already, please visit our #PositiveParking page at:

Kevin Stevenson,

mobility and parking manager, city of Manitou Springs

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